jueves, 6 de diciembre de 2007

Footprints in heart (English Version)

This is the translation of last post, I think that half of people don't know spanish, and if they want read, they can. The translation isn't perfect, but I believe that is understanding. If you don't understand something, ask me and I try explain. Please give me some comment. A lot of love.

Someone told me one time that there are people that leave footprints in our heart. Its real. Many people. I now feel my heart divided between Spain and Canada, many people who I met there is people who I will not forgot never. Only was there three weeks, but was three weeks intenses and unforgetable. This people unforgetable are Cris, I went discuss with her the last day for haven't see off her, but no make angry and continue being my friend; Don, my conversation's teacher, who know how I think, he called me "Outspoken", and I feel proud; Naz, my grammar teacher, who taught me during two weeks and I caught special affection
; Edna, who late of five minutes speaking with me seems like we know all life, and she keep me amused for prevent me a bad moment; José Arturo, who went with me to Thousand Islands, and when I was sad, he tried cheer me up; Lynn-Marie, my "canadian mother", who treated me like I was her daughter; and Parvin, my iranian friend, with more or less we understood, and always ask me when I come back for see her.
There are more people, obviously. But they are who really left something in me. I miss they more than others. They was who I can't say goodbay with facility. And they are who I hope see more soon than late.

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Anónimo dijo...

I am PARVIN.I see your blog and your writing is very nice.
I believe to footprints in heart too.I will never forgot you.I like people in overall the world and never important for me that where is their country.I think that only one word hasn't territory and that's "love".
I miss you too and I appreciate that you wrote about me.I hope for you the best wishes.

OutSpoken dijo...

I only wrote about people who met in Toronto really important for me. I met a lot of people, but you are really unforgetable.
When I went to Toronto, I felt fear because I didn't know how was the people, but when I arrived I felt very well. The people is so diferent that spanish people... For this I miss all. But though the people here is more nasty, there are interesting people, and if you want come for see me, I invited you.